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Great Lakes 36


What is the Great Lakes 36 fleet all about?

While the pinnacle of professional IMS racing is long gone, the boats that made IMS exciting live on. Now raced by mostly amateur skippers and crew there is a resurgence of these Grand Prix racing machines. The LMPHRF rating for the Mumm 36 is the same as the Nelson Marek 36 at 51. The boats share the same sails, mast, boom, and rigging. The differences in the boats are mainly in the hull shape ( the N/M is 18" narrower than the Mumm), keel and rudder configurations. The opportunity to race these boats in a one-design fleet will give a whole new generation of sailors the chance to race on professional level racing boats.


Why Join the GL36 Class?

There is a boat that was designed by Bruce Farr in the early 90’s, called a Mumm 36. We here on the Great Lakes are attempting to revive this boat, in conjunction with the N/M 36 which is a very similar boat.

The Mumm was designed to compete globally at the highest levels of sailboat racing.  They were built at several boat builders, around the world (100+), which could build to very exacting standards of a Grand Prix One Design.  The boats were generally sailed by professionals, and sometimes the owner was not even on board.  These boats because of the caliber of sailors it was intended to be sailed by, are difficult to sail, they need a crew of 8 strong, agile, and competent people to race one.  The Mumm and the N/M, both have Fractional Rigs, Runners, overlapping Genoas, and a big powerful Main. The boat has sail and mast controls to squeeze every ounce of boat speed built into it by Farr.  In its day it was a very radical design, and could sail past new 44 footers.  Downwind speeds of 20 knots are not uncommon.  It was built to the IMS rule, therefore it has accommodations below, including enclosed head, 6 berths, galley, etc.


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